Making comedy and drama natural bedfellows

KEITH ENGLISH talks about his new project ‘AMDRAM’

“ I always enjoy comedy which grows naturally out of drama. Working with JO BRAND on ‘THE MORE YOU IGNORE ME’ feature film, we developed a way of working where made sure that any comedy was counterpointed by the drama around it. So, when I discovered the Belgian TV series ‘AMATEURS’ was doing exactly the same thing, I eagerly approached the Producers CAVIAR TV to ask if I could develop it for a UK audience.

The amateur dramatic culture in the UK is a lot more female-lead than in Belgium, and so my first aim was to write a strong female lead around which the drama and the comedy can revolve. The story is really her struggle to be recognised for the artist, mother, wife and insurance saleswoman she is.

But, generally, in a nutshell AMDRAM is a fabulous drama comedy series that follows the fortunes, loves, trials, and tribulations of of an amateur theatre group as they strive to achieve something they have never done on their 20 years of existence – namely, to win the National Amateur Dramatics Society Awards (think ‘Local Hero’ meets ‘Strictly Ballroom’ but with three left feet).”