Nuon by the power of the Sun

While Holland was covered in snow, two typical Dutch back gardens were re-created just out of Lisbon, Portugal for this Nuon spot encouraging people to invest in solar energy.

Although a very simple story, Velvet Director, Keith English concentrated on the emotional performances of the actors to make a very heartwarming commercial.

Agency: Lemon Scented Tea
Creatives: Rogier Heijning (CD) Jan Bosch copy, Tim ten Dam art-director
Production Company: Signum
Director: Keith English
Executive Producer : Signum / Sander Heeroma
Producer: Jacco Post
D.O.P: Felix Leiberg
Off-line editor: Gert-Willem Visser
Compositing & Visual Effects: Gregoire Verweijen & Daniel van der Kaaden
Colour grading : Barry Clarke
Music: LAB-3, Dick Kok/Pieter Straatman
Sound: Jeroen van Gessel/Florian van Oirschot
Audio production: Friso Schoone